Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mommy's First Christmas

How I fear for my second child....who isn't even born yet.

So much attention, praise, admiration and general awe has been showered over my firstborn by friends, family, and admittedly, his own parents, that I know not if there will be anything left by the time #2 arrives.

How many of you out there got multiple "Baby's First Christmas" tree ornaments, onesies or footie pajamas? We also got "Baby's First Thanksgiving" bibs replete with goggle-eyed turkeys and and Baby's First Halloween t-shirts festooned with a variety of spooky bats, cats, and creatures. And earlier this year he was a "First Valentine" and "Favorite Irish Boy" for St. Patrick's Day (he's about 25% Irish). Oddly, we received no clothing or trinkets celebrating his first Labor Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans Day.

Here's my question. What about Mom? It's also MY first Thanksgiving / Halloween / Christmas as a Mom, and dammit, we should be recognized. I don't know about you but I could have benefited greatly from a festive bib and stretchy footie pajamas this holiday season. And the "Mommy's First Christmas" tree ornament should serve as nothing less than our new star. By the time number 2 comes around, neither of us will be very special anymore, the new baby suffering the indignities of worn and stained hand me down bibs and onesies and me probably only dreaming of fitting into last year's celebratory threads.

So here's an idea for budding mom entrepreneurs out there - "Mom's First (fill in the blank)" gear! Nalgene water bottles for Mom's First Walk post partum! Chic ski jackets for Mom's First Outdoor Excursion! Sexy (albeit stretchy) nighties for Mom's First Weekend Without Baby! Bathing suits with "Mom's First Bikini" emblazoned across the ample butt material. The possibilities are endless, ladies.

Go get some!