Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blue Boots

Today my 2 year old son opened the bag of hand-me-downs from his cousins. Instantly he zeroed in on the aqua blue rainboots with red trim and pull up handles.

It's 70 degrees today, a splendid fall morning. The kind where anything is possible and you feel your potential coming back.

He puts on the boots. Walks around. They are two sizes too big.

Me: "Honey, you can't wear those today. Put on your crocs."
Him: "But I want to."
Me: "It's too hot."
Him: (Eying the boots lovingly). "But I want to."

When does it end, this logic-defying, unedited desire for what is beautiful and new, happy and free? I envied him in that moment. Me, anxiously living in the forward, not in the moment, late for work, rushing us all into the car. Him, fixated on what was in front of him, what pleased him, what made him happy.

He wore the boots.

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