Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do I Really Have to Buy a Minivan?

No post. No big long tirade. I just want to know the answer is no.

Even though I totaled the family car. By myself. In a driveway. Going about 5 mph.


Don't you just love American Built Products?


Susan said...

No you do NOT need a minivan! The cool moms drive giant SUVs, and I think there are some hybrids too if you're trying to be environmentally conscious.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Pate (Fishman) here. I thought I lost you! I am in LA, married to Jay, two kids and produce and host a mom webshow www.jenandbarb.com
Email me at jenlynnfish@aol.com to catch up.
Sorry to send a personal note here, but didn't know how else to contact you! I found your through momlogic's recommended sites!
xo Jen